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Phyno - If To Say (Video)

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(Lyrics) If To Say Phyno

No let me go sololo
You dey control me like say you put me for onono
Oh no no my baby oh
No go let you go oh oh
Nna nkwa le gia acharamu come today come tomorrow

Imana nwa yima niuko
Imani fe dima dioko
Anako follow me and blessed me
Come make i play you ni owanunu
Lele lelele lele oh
I no fit wait another day oh
If dey with you na blessing
Make we flip another page oh
I wish say i fit read your mind oh

(Lyrics) Phyno - Financial Woman

My fiancee
You no be Beyounce
Finance eh
Na so

[Bridge – Paul]
Tell her say you no get money
That day you be ugly monkey
Seriously brother e no funny
Nobody go call you honey
Biakenenu, Okwu ego
Imakwana odi egwu oh
Eh ijikwa ego, ribe ego nunu

Phyno - Financial Woman [Official Video] ft. P Square 

Phyno - Financial Woman [Official Video] ft. P Square

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